302 Mt Mercy Drive, Pewee Valley

All auditions at 7:00 PM unless otherwise noted

Roles are open to all ethnicities 

Auditions for 2024-2025 season will be posted as they are scheduled

Ken Ludwig's The Three Musketeers

Adaptation by Ken Ludwig. Mike Price directs.  

Sunday, June 30th 6-9pm, and Monday, July 1st 7:30-9pm

Callbacks will be on Sunday, July 7th 6-9pm. 

Auditions will be cold readings from the script and possible physical exercises related to combat demands.

7-9 men, 4-6 women. Ages listed may have some flexibility depending on overall casting of show, etc. 

Some gender switching of roles may occur but are likely limited to those listed as part of the ensemble (there are unlisted roles that will not be determined until the casting of the ensemble). 

This is a big, old fashioned adventure tale with drama, comedy, and combat, even a little singing and dancing. It is a fast moving, demanding show physically and vocally -for all involved- and will have a longer rehearsal period to accommodate the complexity of the show and possible schedule conflicts of the participants. A draft rehearsal schedule will be provided at auditions.

Any questions can be sent to the director at

This information has been UPDATED as of June 14.

—Female roles include:

Sabine (teens-20s) – The very headstrong and mischievous younger sister of D’Artagnan who gets caught up in the adventure- and a showdown with Milady. Good physicality, dexterity, Fighter. 

Milady (30s-40s) – The most dangerous assassin in France who is secretly in the service of Cardinal Richelieu. This woman has a dark past that drives her on. Good physicality, dexterity, Fighter. 

Constance Bonacieux/ensemble (20s-30s) – Beautiful lady in waiting to Queen Anne. Falls in love with D’Artagnan. Possible fighter.

Queen Anne/ensemble (30s-??) – Sweet and intelligent, has a secret affair with the Duke of Buckingham and is at odds with Cardinal Richelieu. Possible fighter.

possible TBD female/ensemble (??) – remarkably versatile, playing in different scenes. Possible fighter.

 —Male roles include:

D’Artagnan (20s) – Courageous and hopeful young farm boy who has dreams of becoming a Musketeer like his father once was. Falls in love with Constance. Good physicality, dexterity, Fighter.

Athos (20s-40s) – oldest and most dangerous of the Three Musketeers with a melancholy nature brooding on his past. Good physicality, dexterity, Fighter.

Porthos (20s-30s) – Loud, brash, comical and a bit pompous, but tough and courageous. One of the Three Musketeers. Fighter.

Aramis (20s-30s) – Handsome, strong and reserved. A true gentlemen and follower of the church. One of the Three Musketeers. Fighter.

Cardinal Richelieu (30s-??)- The King’s most influential advisor, politically powerful, with nefarious plans of his own! He hates the King’s Musketeers (and anything else that stands in his way). NON-fighter.

King Louis XIII/ensemble (30s-??) – The King of France. Petty and not too bright, but ultimately with a good heart.  French accent? Possible fighter. 

Father/ensemble (40s-??) – Tough but loving father of Sabine and D’Artagnan. Was once one of the King’s Musketeers. Good physicality, dexterity, Fighter.

Rochefort/ensemble (30s-??) – A scarred, one-eyed henchman of Cardinal Richelieu. Good physicality, dexterity, Fighter.

possible TBD male/ensemble (??) – remarkably versatile, playing in different scenes. possible fighter.


 Also seeking Stage Management and Costume assistance (these could include being part of the ensemble if desired)

Any questions can be sent to the director at