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A Halloween Story for the Kids

How about a scary story for the kids as Halloween approaches? Listen to the story of Sophia, Charlotte, Juliet, Will and Matthew, along with their Grandpa, as they go to THE HAUNTED HOUSE. Lots of strange noises, spooky happenings and no lights! The kids were scared! Listen to the podcast from The Little Colonel Players from October 2020.

The show features Bill Baker, Lynn Baker and Teresa Wentzel.  Written and directed by Bill Baker. Taped and edited by Adam Hendricks and Resonate Recordings.


The Little Colonel Players are proud to present an online presentation of For the Love of a Woman by Bill Baker in a reader’s theater format. This presentation is the world premiere of this one act original. For the Love of a Woman opens with Paul, a 25 year old young man, working on his father Elliott’s estate. Elliott has passed away almost a year after divorcing his wife, Mary, who caught him in a restaurant with ‘Julia’. Everyone is perplexed, as this type behavior seems out of character for Elliott. Mary was heartbroken, but is now happily married to Ed. She has moved on, but the son is perplexed by what happened. Enter Christine, who was a home health nurse for Elliott. She brings us more information about what happened and why. Tune in and see what really happened in For the Love of a Woman.

The show features Maggie Hartman, Adam Hendricks, Bob Klein, Erika Wardlow, and Teresa Wentzel.  Written and directed by Bill Baker.  Taped and edited by Mike Price.