Written and directed by Bill Baker

Rich hosts a dinner party to attract investors for a new food product, with revenge on his mind, for a deal gone bad with his broker, Ed. His secretary, Phyllis, is secretly involved with the broker and having an affair with Rich at the same time, as they scheme to get more money from Rich. Rich’s wife is out of town, so Phyllis acts as hostess. There is the disgruntled Professor, the ‘expert’ who wants more money from the new business than they agreed to, and the broker’s wife who knows of Ed’s affair with Phyllis. The Doctor attends, as well, since there’s free booze. He has been ‘advising’ Rich’s wife to stay in Florida for her health. Poison flows aplenty as revenge is the name of the game. In come two thieves, who get discovered by the guests, one by one. The thieves dispose of the guests with ‘knockout gas’. They are found and declared dead by the Doctor, so the ‘rookie’ detective comes in to investigate. Betrayals, scams and NO2   rule the evening as one hilarious event after another ensues, proving that “Life’s a Gas”. 

PG 13

June 3, 4, 9, 10, 11  Showtimes: 7:30 pm
June 5, 12  Showtimes: 2:00 pm