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The Little Colonel Players was founded (as stated in the by laws) “ foster the art of drama by presenting plays of an educational as well as entertaining value to its members and the public…” LCP has been fulfilling this mission for almost sixty years, and hope to continue pursuing this mission over the next sixty, and beyond.


Much Ado Out West

Teresa Wentzel

                                         (This is not part of your season subscription.)


                                   PLEASE NOTE:  THIS SHOW HAS BEEN CANCELLED!!!

                                   PLEASE NOTE:  THIS SHOW HAS BEEN CANCELLED!!!

Pedro, Ben and Claude discover that while they've been away at the Civil War, Betty and the other womenfolk have been doing all of the roping and ranching. This Western romp is inspired by Shakespeare's hilarious battle-of-the-sexes romantic comedy, "Much Ado About Nothing."  Despite how much the cowpokes and the ladies of the ranch taunt each other, love seems to be in the air.  Claude falls head over heels in love with Winny, a lovely Southern belle, but Calamity Jane, a rambunctious tomboy, secretly longs for Claude's affections and is bent on stirring up a big bowl of trouble when she doesn't get her way.  Meanwhile, Ben and Betty are arch-rivals, only happy when they are insulting each other...or is it just their way of masking their deeply guarded feelings for one another?  This show is filled with witty, Western-flavored dialogue, Shakespearian twists and turns, and lots of wild and untamed characters.

Rating:  Suitable for All Audiences

Show Dates:  CANCELLED